First video reviews of The Howler!

Here is a first (as far as we know) video review of The Howler from Prescription Pixel.

And by the way – to drop a parcel/bomb, you need to hit space on PC. If you want to do it in voice mode, you should enable this feature in the settings (on the first screen). On touch devices you drop bombs by shaking the device or touching the screen with two fingers. All this is in help.

And we have one more by Mistled.

And one more by PLAYtheGAMEcentral – couldn’t stop laughing!

And by Pixabyte.

And WeaselZone

We are also on Indie Showcase

Guys from GameSpot also played The Howler.

Thanks a lot guys!

The Howler is available on iTunes and Amazon appstore!

Today is a great day.

After a year of development and a bit of waiting for approval we are proud to present to you The Howler – a different sort of game. You play by both voice and touch. The visuals are extraordinary. The story is unique.

Check out for yourself now; see if you agree. We are confident you will agree.

PC and Mac versions are coming soon, and so is our new website – we will update it shortly. In the meantime, let the howl begin.

Howler on iTunes

Howler on Amazon appstore for Android