The Review

After The Howler was Free app of a day, we receive lot’s of reviews, most of them are very positive (4.2 of 5 stars at the moment):

But this one touched us a lot, and we’d like to share it with you. Thanks a lot, Robert!

When I downloaded The Howler as Amazon’s Free App of the Day, I was concerned that the lack of a microphone on my Kindle Fire might cut into the enjoyment factor. Trust me, while sound control may add an amusing dimension to game play, this is superlative app even without this optional feature! If the term “elegant in its simplicity” is cliche, it’s nonetheless an apt way to describe this game. It strikes me, too, that each and every choice the designer made was the correct one. Beginning with a lush, atmospheric soundtrack and stunning hand-drawn artwork, but extending to such minute details as button control labeling (“Do Begin,” “Play, Please”) and choice of font (somehow the spot-on help text renders the screens even more beautiful!), all elements combine to form the single most aesthetically pleasing and enjoyable app I’ve downloaded to date. For all these reasons, Vilnius – the game’s setting – has become my favorite retreat whenever I have a few minutes to burn, and I’m happy to revisit levels I’ve already conquered just to re-immerse myself in the game’s unique steampunk-y feel.

I understand from reading a recent online interview that the artist who worked on The Howler has produced enough artwork to drive another game. I know, too, that designing game applications is more of a sideline for the developer. Typically I’m all for delayed gratification, yet somehow I can’t wait for Howler 2! Develop faster please!

I am adding some pictures (all drawn by Renė Petrulienė, of course), which we didn’t use in the first part of the game – enjoy!





One thought on “The Review

  1. You’re very welcome! And wow, thanks so much for sharing the additional artwork! Now I’m doubly happy to have taken a few minutes to post a review this morning!

    I actually don’t tend to write a lot of reviews, but it’s hard not to acknowledge a job this well done, and as a long-time programmer, I have a pretty good idea as to the amount of effort that went into it. Congratulations and gratitude to both you and your talented collaborators!

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